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Acer Ferrari Laptop Repair

Creative IT is a Central London based Acer laptop repair centre providing a full range of Acer Ferrari laptop repair services and support to our valued customers in the UK. Our London laptop repair company has a team of specialized technicians with 15 years hands-on experience in all aspects of laptop repair and upgrade services.

Acer Ferrari Repair

Our Acer Ferrari laptop repair technicians are highly skilled to perform component level repair at competitive rates. Whenever promising we try to repair a part before replacing it. Whether you broke the screen of your Ferrari laptop, spilled fluid on the keyboard or your laptop all of a sudden is running slow - we will be able to assist you to fix all these issues with fast turnaround time. We can help you to get your registry cleaned, delete unnecessary files and adjust Internet connection settings.

We recognize your time and money are valuable. Creative IT specializes in

  • Acer Ferrari 1000 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 1100 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 1200 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 3000 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 3200 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 3400 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 4000 Repair
  • Acer Ferrari 5000 Repair

All of our Acer Ferrari laptop repair technicians have good experience and offer you competent service and cost effective value for your money. As part of our Acer Ferrari laptop repair and upgrade services in the UK we offer hard drive data recovery / transfer, hard drive replacement / upgrade, CD-ROM, CDR-W, DVD replacement / upgrade, memory (RAM) replacement / upgrade, LCD screen repair / replacement, LCD backlight repair / replacement, LCD inverter replacement, virus / ad-ware / spy-ware removal, motherboard repair / replacement and DC Power jack replacement services.

For more information about our same day London Acer Ferrari laptop repair and upgrade services in the UK, please free to contact us at 020 7394 2521 or email us at:

  80 Willow Walk,
The Willows, Unit 1
London SE1 5SY
Tel: 020 7394 2521
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